Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What I learned from Ghost River

I really loved how we learned about the smudge, which is used to help clean the body and mind. We learned about the way the birds communicate with one another. There is singing, alert, matting call, companion call, territory call and aggression. I as well loved the games we played, like the blind fold game for the companion call and the Jeopardy game. In conclusion, we had a great time!

By: L T

Bird Calls

At Ghost River, we had many fun activities. My absolutely favourite activity was Jeopardy. The reason I liked this specific activity is because it was very competitive and it really tested our knowledge of what we learned. My second favourite activity was when we learned about birds. My favourite bird is the Blue Jay. The most interesting thing that we learned was bird calling. The most interesting one is alarm. I find it very cool how birds can communicate, just like us. The reason I find this the coolest is because whenever they need help. they sound for help and they know exactly what each other is saying.

By: M Y

Blog Post!

In Ghost River, we learned about a variety of different topics, including animal tracking. My favorite topic was learning about Aboriginal people. That includes M├ętis, First Nations and Inuit. It was interesting because not only did they tell us about them, but they also gave us the chance to meet some of them. They told us their traditions, and some of their celebrations. We learned a whole lot about them from how they dance to how they normally act. Another part that I enjoyed was local nature. They told us cool facts about our communities, some that we never knew.

In November, we joined Ghost River Rediscovery for a girls only camp. I was amazed by how much fun this was. We got the chance to play so many fun games. Even when we left camp, we still play those games with our friends. I also went hiking. My favorite part was seeing two elks in the forest.

The last day, we played a game which was so useful because it reminded us of what we learned. This camp got me closer to nature. It taught me how to make good environmental friendly decisions. It made me aware of what is happening to our environment. It also told us how to act when coming in contact with wild animals.

By: M H

Ghost River was Amazing!

Ghost River was amazing! The part I loved was Jeopardy. We won amazing prizes. The second thing I loved was when we made the spirit animals that represent virtues. It made me change the way I act to them. I loved how we all shared about our cultures for I was able to learn about First Nation culture and the various cultures of my classmates.

Canada's bird game was also really good. I loved it when we made short skits about them. We had a great time. I want to have more skits about other things so we can understand it more. The last game was so much fun. We learn easily and faster, with the help of Ghost River. Outside of school. we got so many opportunities for camps and groups. Summer camps will be so fun! I hope other people get an opportunity to have as much fun as I did.

Thank you!

By: M H

My Favorite Ghost River Experience

My favorite Ghost River class has to be the one where we pretended to be the Boomba & Alcan groups and tried to trade. The reason why we did this is so we learned how the Europeans and First nations traded when they didn't know each others language. The first nations were like the Alcans ~ timid. The Europeans were like the Boomba ~ aggressive and impatient. The Alcans had a leader like the First Nations and the Boomba had straight forward men. As a Boomba, since we didn't understand them, we thought they didn't want to trade, but later found out they don't trade but their leader does.

Ghost River has a way of teaching in a fun, creative way in which I enjoyed.

By: S A

My Experiences with Ghost River

In Ghost River, we had so much fun on the first day. It was during mid-October and we met Elder Sharon. She was beautiful and I loved her hair. We talked about where she was from and then we did a smudge. We played a game called Bomba and Alcain. It allowed me to see how it was like for people to interact with one another when they spoke a different language. On the last day, we played Jeopardy, and we got prizes no matter if you won or not.

By: M N

Ghost River Experiences

Today, I will be speaking about my experiences with Ghost River.

Overall, my experiences with Ghost River was a very fun experience. I loved it when the elders came and we learned awesome songs and played with the drums. I also enjoyed how we used the furs and how we used the furs. The furs felt very smooth, not rough at all.

I also loved how we got these prizes at the end, like scarves, gym bags, mugs and shirts. On our final day, we played Jeopardy. We had fun and learned a lot form the games, like looking at footprints and getting points to win. My team lost though, but we still had a blast. I also had a fun time learning about the medicine wheel and the stories that all the elders shared. I learned a lot of new things.

By: M. A-D